Soilless & Leca Fertilizer


Earth Medicine Soilless and Leca Fertilizer is perfect for using during propagation, in fresh cut flowers, Hydroponics, and when watering your leca or bonsai clay potted plants!

When you add our soilless & leca fertilizer to water and let it dissolve, the product creates a microbial tea tincture which is beneficial for your plants and stems to draw upon from. Adding a couple scoops to your water or directly to the leca pebbles will provide microbes and nutrients for your roots to draw upon from. 


Use each time when watering soilless or leca potted plants:

  • 5 scoops per 1 cup of fresh water 

For propagation and fresh cut flowers:

  • 1-3 scoops per 1 cup of fresh water. Change water bi-weekly to boost root growth and prolong flower freshness.