Schefflera actinophylla: "Amate" Australian Umbrella Neon Bush in a 10" Planter


Note: Plants and pots sold separately, unless stated otherwise.


The Australian Umbrella Tree is native to tropical rainforests and gallery forests in northern and north-eastern Queensland coasts and the Northern Territory of Australia, as well as New Guinea and Java. Common names include Australia umbrella tree, Queensland umbrella tree, octopus tree and amate.

One really amazing thing about this plant is that it can start off growing on top of other plants in the wild and eventually overtake them. It's very hardy and a great house plant because it's such an aggressive plant. 

Light: Medium but bright light, this plant is one of the better large plants for lower light environments as they are more tolerant than a lot of similarly impressive houseplants. 

Water: Water every 10 days in the winter and weekly in the spring-summer.  Best to underwater the plant. rather than overwater it. 

Humidity: This plant loves a humid environment, it will tolerate a bit less humidity that other plants that usually have this requirement.