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LECHUZA CANTO Stone High Poly Resin Tall Floor Planter

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- Self-watering floor planter with water level indicator and drainage hole
- Removable pot liner - making it easier to take care of plants
- High-quality surface with natural stone look
- High-quality pure mineral plant substrate with fertilizer included
- UV and frost-resistant - For outdoor and indoor use

Plant pot: Internal measurements shown without the self watering system. Please remember that this will occupy some space inside the unit reducing your overall planting space.

Intelligent planter provides plants with water and fertilizer till 2-12 weeks dependent on planter size

A perfect gift for an avid gardener, the plastic planter lets you grow shrubs, floral blossoms and herbs. Provided with coordinated frame, the self-watering LECHUZA CANTO Stone planter features interchangeable planter liner.

Plant volume - 12l for CANTO Stone High 30, 29l for CANTO Stone High 40.
Material - Poly Resin
Made in Germany
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