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Hungarian Bear's Breeches: Acanthus hungaricus - 1GAL Pot

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AKA Acanthus balcanus, this plant is renowned for its resilience, and surpasses Acanthus mollis in hardiness. Adorned with dark green, spiny leaves reminiscent of a thistle's appearance, its captivating flower spikes boast a charming blend of pink and white hues, albeit prickly to the touch. Low-maintenance and leisurely in growth, it's a hassle-free addition to any garden. Watch as it blooms gracefully from mid to late summer, adding a touch of beauty to your outdoor space.

Apply mulch in the fall for overwintering. Acanthus do not like to have their 'feet' wet in the winter months. May take a few years to flower, but are worth the wait. Once the blooms are finished, they should be cut back to encourage new foliage growth until frost.

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