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Dark Beauty Alpine Aster: Aster alpinus 'Dunkle Shone' - 1GAL Pot

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Alpine Aster 'Dunkle Schone' or Dark Beauty is a low-growing ground cover that features green foliage accentuated by violet-blue flowers. As a short-lived perennial, it thrives through self-seeding, ensuring its sustainability. Witness the appearance of fluffy seed heads after the flowers have faded. Ideal for rock gardens or front borders, it's a versatile addition to any landscape. Derived from the native Aster alpinus, this cultivar blooms from late spring throughout the summer.

Grow in a moderately fertile, average to dry, well-drained soil, in full sun or light shade. Alpine asters may develop foliar diseases if placed in hot, humid sites with poor air circulation. They flourish in cooler summers. 

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