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Climbing Hydrangea: Hydrangea petiolaris

Climbing Hydrangea: Hydrangea petiolaris

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Hydrangea petiolaris, commonly known as Climbing Hydrangea, is a deciduous vine that features large, white, lacecap flowers. The centre of each cluster has tiny airy fertile white flowers, and the outer ring consists of flat four-petalled sterile florets. Glossy heart-shaped leaves and red-brown bark on mature stems exfoliates for winter interest. It is a slow but steady grower and is perfect for covering walls, fences, and trees. Bloom is June to July.

Climbing hydrangea grow best in average to moist, well-drained soil, in full sun or shade. Consistent moisture, dappled shade and protection from hot afternoon sun is recommended. Little maintenance is required because of its slow growth habit. If shaping is required, do so in late winter.

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