The First Promise Supply Collection: PS0001 The Desert Collection

What is PS0001: The Desert Collection 

We decided that the theme for our first collection would be plants found in deserts around the world on a cold day in January. What can we say? The past few months have made us want to escape to the hottest climate we could find, and there was no way to do it.

Desert City in Spain via Architectural Digest India

Over the past month, we have worked on aggregating the most exciting and impressive cacti specimens we've come across in Canada. All of these plants comprise our first collection, PS0001. Promise Supply plants to release unique collections like this regularly.

What plants does it feature?

The collection features both unique varieties aggregated for the collection alongside more accessible plants at every price point.
Included in the collection are some harder-to-find cacti specimens, including over 30 Peruvian cacti, two large barrel cacti, a sizeable American Agave and one impressive desert candle cactus.

The Peruvian cacti are each unique. You will be able to select the exact variant of each cactus that you want.

As part of the collection, we aggregated some of the most impressive variants of plants we regularly have available.

Why we are creating Promise Supply Collections

We are launching collections to start to share some of the more unique and collectable plants we find. We also want to spend time telling you the story of how these plants work and relate to each other. A lot of plants come from specific regions and climates.
When it comes to collecting plants, we want to share plants from a range of geographies, climates, and unique adaptations. Hopefully, you'll enjoy these collections as much as we enjoy sourcing them.

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