5 Trendy Plants for Your Home in 2024

The plant industry is a lot like the fashion industry in many ways - trends come and go, and sometimes come back around again. In this blog post, we're unveiling five plants that are poised to steal the spotlight in 2024. Stick around till the end for an exclusive bonus tip on the latest plant styling technique that is set to dominate this year!


Lush Dracaena Reflexa Song of India

Dracaena Reflexa “Song of India”

Dracaenas are undergoing a remarkable resurgence, and leading the pack is the Dracaena Reflexa “Song of India.” This plant is a favorite among those seeking an effortlessly stylish addition to their space. With its wild, bushy growth and pops of yellow, this dracaena promises to be a showstopper in 2024, injecting a burst of lively colour into any room.


Ficus Audrey

Step aside, Fiddle Leaf Fig, it’s time for this ficus cousin to shine. The Ficus Audrey has been slowly building as one of the most popular trees over the last year with absolutely no sign of slowing down. This ficus tree features serene green leaves (that are actually fuzzy!) and are significantly easier to care for than the Ficus lyrata. Fun fact: the Ficus Audrey is also known as the Banyan Tree, and it is the national tree of India!


Citrus Trees

Lemon, Orange, Kumquat, and lime - it doesn’t matter which kind of citrus it is, you need one of these trees in your home. Citrus trees produce the beautiful, bright fruits that we all know and love, as well as incredibly fragrant flowers. It is important to keep in mind that this plant might not be for everyone. Citrus trees require lots of sunlight, water, humidity and fertilizer to grow their best - so not ideal for those that like to travel often!


Ming Aralia

The Ming Aralia, also known as Polyscias fruticosa, falls under the category of "if you know, you know" plants. Although it has yet to bask in the spotlight, we predict a shift in 2024, making the Ming Aralia a staple in interior design. With its soft, lace-like leaves, this plant adds a touch of sophistication to any space.


Burro’s Tail

Alright, even we have to admit we didn’t see this one coming… The Burro’s Tail began to absolutely explode onto the scene in the latter half of last year. In fact, it was one of the most sold plants at Promise Supply! This vining succulent is one of the most easy going plants that we’ve had at the shop, and it even produces little pink flowers from time to time.


 Bonus Styling Tip: Pruning

Elevate your plant game in 2024 by embracing the trend of pruning. While full and lush plants still have their place, sculptural pieces are stealing the spotlight. Grab a pair of scissors and have some fun shaping and personalizing your plants into unique forms—because this year, your plants are not just greenery; they're works of art!

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