Yucca gigantea: Triple Mass Cane (4 feet) in 10" Nursery Pot


Note: Plants and pots sold separately, unless stated otherwise.


An architectural gem the Yucca looks like the inspiration behind ancient columns. Native to a range of climates including rocky deserts, prairies and grasslands and coastal sands this family of plants is drought tolerant. The current availability differs slightly from photo as it has 3 upright stalks that are directly vertical.

You can find them all over the Americas as far north as Canada. 

Light: They like it bright. Put them in the brightest spot in your house.  

Water: Let them dry out between waterings. That means you could be watering as little as every month in the winter, and every 14 days in the spring. 

Humidity: They can handle a dry arid climate so they are perfect to place in front of a vent in your home.