Sanseviera masoniana: "Whale Fin" Snake Plant in 8" Nursery Pot

Note: Plants and pots sold separately, unless stated otherwise.


A plant for absolutely anyone and any conditions. A night time oxygenator.

A West Africa native, the Sansevieria Trifasciata species of Snake plants have the ability to give generously to us while requiring very little in return. Low-light, low-water and low-humidity friendly plants, they have the added benefit of growing in a variety of styles and shapes. These include 70+ variations on a similar aesthetic theme: rigid clusters of sword shaped leaves that protrude upwards in a multitude of green-yellow colour patterns. The Moonshine species of Snake Plant is characterized by it’s lighter, almost dull green hue, and lack of distinct striping.

More than a survivor, Snake plants are pretty much impossible to kill. A low expectation companion, Snake plants don’t mind being forgotten about or neglected - in fact they prefer it. Once a month watering is the most care they need.

Snake plants purify air during the day and release oxygen during the nighttime. Aiding in restful sleep and relaxation, they are especially suited for bedrooms. Hands down the most low maintenance plants: Snake plants are ideal for beginners, those with little time for maintenance, and anyone that wants to add some greenery to their space without any effort.

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