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Philodendron Gloriosum - -

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“The Philodendron Gloriousum is a stunning and extremely popular cultivar found predominantly in Colombia and other parts of both South and Central America.

Philodendron Gloriosums are known for their large velvet and pillowy leaves with silver veining. These plants are crawlers, meaning they are found in nature creeping and crawling on the rainforest floor.

To keep your Gloriosum growing happily, ensure to provide it above 65% humidity and a temperature of between 21-26 degrees.

With the forest floor being their natural habitat, Gloriosums prefer to stay damp/moist - but not dry out. They also appreciate heavier feeding than some Philos due to their nature of pulling nutrients from the forest floor and surrounding plants/debris. 

Philodendron Gloriosums will be happiest in bright, indirect light. Direct light will burn your plant. Fertilize bi-weekly when actively growing and then monthly when growth slows. Recommended 4-4-4 fertilizer ratio or 5/6-4-4 due to their tendency to yellow when provided insufficient nitrogen. “
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BEALeaf is a woman-owned online-only nursery run by Effie and Bee. They started importing acclimating and selling unique tropicals in 202 offering local pickup, delivery.