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Grower: Bea Leaf Co.

Philodendron Florida Ghost 'Mint' - -

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The Philodendron Florida Ghost is a recent hybrid. Its parent plants are not officially confirmed, but they are most often suspected to be the Philodendron Pedatum and Squamiferum. 

This plant sports bright red petioles, and new leaves emerge with mint/green variegation instead of the white variegated plant. The Florida Ghost Mint is not recognized as a separate plant or cultivar from the Florida Ghost; they are the same plant with slightly different variegation patterns. 

Philodendron Florida Ghosts will do better in higher humidity (65-70%+) but adapt to lower humidity if necessary. This plant will also prefer to grow bright indirect light but can adapt to both slightly higher and lower light conditions. 

This plant is a climber, and would eventually appreciate some external support - such as a moss pole or branch.

Philodendron Florida Ghost is a plant that is a true hardy Philodendron. It can handle drying out slightly every once in a while, but will not appreciate this too often. Water this plant when the top 3-4 inches of substrate are dry to the touch.
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