Cereus repandus: Single 4 Foot Peruvian Cactus in 14" Nursery Pot (PS0001)


Note: Plants and pots sold separately, unless stated otherwise.


These Peruvian Cacti feature a single statuesque Peruvian Cactus in a 14" pot. These are unique to our collection as Purvian Cacti will normally come with three per pot.  have.

These special editions are unique to our Desert Collection and allow you to get a tall Peruvian at a fraction of the price. 

Height from Soil: 43"

Height from Ground: 55"


Light: Bright and direct, do not put this in a remotely shady place

Water: When completely dry, better under than over

Humidity: It's used to arid desert air so it doesn't care about humidity.