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Anthurium crystallinum - -

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This Anthurium is found in the outer parts of Central and South American rainforests. Anthurium Crystallinium is an epiphytic plant (like most Anthuriums); meaning it is found naturally growing on trees, and drawing its nutrients in from fallen debris and surrounding air, rain, etc. 

Fertilize your Crystallinium bi-weekly while it is actively growing, and monthly when growth slows down. Anthuriums particularly enjoy fertilizers higher in Nitrogen to keep their leaves big, bright and green!

All Anthurium belong to the Araceae family, like many common tropicals. This Anthurium is known for its dark velvety foliage, dawned with silvery lines throughout.

Provide your Crystallinium with bright indirect light. Think about the plant living in the rainforest canopy - it doesn’t receive direct sunlight, but bright light diluted/sheltered light throughout the leaves of the rainforest. Direct light will burn this plant.

This Anthurium thrives in a more humid environment due to its natural conditions. This plant lives happily in temps around 21-26 degrees and with a preferred humidity of 70% plus. 

Never let your Crystallinium fully dry out, but do not keep it waterlogged either. Monitor the glass/pot for condensation, and water thoroughly before condensation fully dries out - or when the top 3-4 inches of substrate is dry to the touch.

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