Philodendron: "Birkin" in 4" Nursery Pot


Note: Plants and pots sold separately, unless stated otherwise.


The Philodendron is native to South America and referred to by scientists as Thaumatophyllum Bipinnatifidum. Philodendron themselves are relatively easy-to-maintain indoor plants. The entire Philodendron genus includes almost 500 species. These plants vary considerably in terms of leaf size, shape, and patterning.

The Birkin Philodendron is one of the rarer and more distinct-looking Philodendrons. It features the standard heart-leaf shape with beautiful yellow-white veins. Like its namesake, it's on the exclusive side, and the Birkin tends to be harder to find than any standard Philodendron.

Philodendrons are so popular in part because of their adaptability. These plants are very forgiving of low-light conditions, as they naturally grow under shady rainforest canopies. Philodendron prefers high-humidity to promote growth in leaves and stems, but will also manage in a drier space. These plants like for their soil to dry out between watering, but they don’t like to go longer than 2 weeks without hydration.

A Philodendron is great for long-term roommates and coworkers because they are versatile and will grow to complement wherever room you put them in. A climbing plant, the Philodendron is often pruned and grown as a means of framing or concealing parts of your space. Additionally, NASA has studied these species of Philodendron for their air-purifying abilities. With their great variability in style, health benefits and minimal care requirements, it’s clear why this family of plants has the corner on green indoor decor.