Mother's Day Collection

First of all - if you want help picking something give us a call or text us at: (647) 957-8291

What we chose for Mother's Day:

1. Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts

Strings of Hearts small unique vining succulent plants

Heart Shaped Hoya: large green vining plants that want lots of light and humidity

Heart Shaped Philo/Pothos: easy to care for and propagate with beautiful vining leaves. 

2. Mother in Laws Tongue - The Snake Plant

Why is it called Mother in Laws Tongue? Because the leaves are sharp, pointed, or severe, like the acerbic tone often adopted by mothers-in-law (and mothers) when they can't “hold their tongue”

Why you should get it? It's the easiest plant for people to keep alive. 

3. The Fiddle Leaf Fig

Our most popular plant for gifting and receiving.